Thursday 24 November 2016

How Would You Pick the Right Bus Services Company in Lucknow ?

Shanker Travels
Shanker Travels
The selection of a right transportation service in Lucknow is a hectic job. However, with some patience and careful inquiry, you can avoid unwanted stress. All you need to do is take some careful steps to follow on hiring the proper bus services in Lucknow.

Shanker Travels brings to you valuable suggestions for hiring and booking the best bus service in Lucknow. Here are some ways you can cross-check your transport service provider.

  • A reputed bus company would have its vehicles covered under comprehensive insurance to manage unwarranted damage.
  • There should be enough proof to show you on demand that the luxury bus on hire in Lucknow has gone through proper mechanical inspection & all documents such as road tax, insurance certificate, fitness certificate, pollution certificate & permits are valid.
  • The equipment of the coach should not be faulty and all the internal mechanisms of the bus should be in great functioning condition. The condition of the coach itself makes this apparent.
  • For all Volvo Bus Services in Lucknow, the bus drivers must possess a valid and recent commercial driver’s license.
  • Do enquire whether they have additional drivers to make driver switches if required. A single driver cannot take the stress of a long trip more than 12 hours; therefore, your bus booking in Lucknow should be done after being knowledgeable about the plan of the trip. 

Bus Booking in Lucknow-Pricing and Package Costs
  • Enquire about the price of the trip. Know how much the luxury bus on hire in Lucknow is charging per hour/km. Note that different destinations would have different pricing, so be specific while putting your queries.
  • Do ask about the size of the coach you would board on to and the special amenities included in the price offered. Ask for special or on-going discounts, if any. A clear communication at the initial stage lets you avoid any misunderstandings later.
  • Enquire about deposit policy, refunds, final payment, and cancellations.
  • Make sure you are well aware of the additional costs for any special services on demand which do not belong to the part of the travel package. Such costs may include toll taxes, parkings, overnight charges, charges for special permits, other state taxes, guides etc.
  • Do take care that you do not violate any travel policies like restrictions on alcoholic beverages, smoking, etc. 

Book your trip with Shanker Travels and rest assured that all your queries will be answered to your satisfaction. Discuss your questions and inquiries with our representatives and enjoy the transparent and professional approach that we follow. Our drivers are well-trained and dependable. Let Shanker Travels make your trips and holidays more special with bus booking in Lucknow.